Just made this yummy recipe that I invented. Simple, yet delicious and tasty and healthy :).

On my trip to the health food store the savoy cabbages were flirting with me. They had my name written all over them. So I decided to buy one, even though I haven’t had this type of cabbage for many, many years. I actually never liked it. My parents used to cook it and mash it up with cooked potatoes and I do not like cooked cabbage at all.

My intuition, however (and you can never go wrong with your intuition) told me to stir fry the cabbage with tempeh, garlic and shallots using raw organic coconut oil and low temperature. So I did.

Result: yum!

(I used organic herb seasoning salt Trocomare original from A Vogel, some white pepper,a little coriander and a good amount of curry powder to season).


Try this recipe for a delicious, nutritious, home made, raw protein rich snack bar!

2 measurements of kiawe bean pod flour (or mesquite)

2 measurements of any kind of raw organic nut butter you like

1 measurement of raw organic (local) honey

Just mix together and mold into one or more bars.

Enjoy ~♥~

Today I discovered, through synchronicity, an incredibly nutritious and delicious superfood. Both local and raw: kiawe bean pod flour, or, the local variant of mesquite.

kiawe-2mesquite-powderThis morning I had wondered where I could find a good, raw, whole food to supplement my body with extra calcium and iron. And so on my trip to the local health food store on Maui it showed up :D. They were doing a sample of this wonderful food right when I showed up in the store!

It both tastes and smells delicious and it made for a wonderful breakfast that left me very satisfied.

Kiawe bean pod flour is high in protein, low on the glycemic index, and a good source of soluble fiber, meaning it digests relatively slowly and does not cause spikes in blood sugar. This gluten-free powder is also a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, lysine, manganese, zinc, and potassium.

An answer to my prayers :).

Ask and it isdelivered. Always.

Maui has plenty of kiawe trees. The product I bought is from Oahu, which is still pretty local, considering it’s one of the Hawaiian islands still. I really love and enjoy supporting local farmers and healthy nutrition providers.

kiawe tree

It is truly wonderful to be able to enjoy nourishment from local plants. It connects you to nature in a very profound way.



Enter into a new world of wholistic living, well being and ultimately abundance!!!

Health = Wealth

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Aloha ☼